S1 Group is Canada’s one-stop shop for stills & motion rentals, production services and expendables.


S1 started as Photo Rental studios over 20 years ago, and today we are the top Photography Rental House in Canada. We specialize in Gallery shoots for TV & Feature Film, TIFF, Celebrity shoots, Sports, Advertising, and Fashion.


We specialize in Short Run productions such as
TV Commercials, Short Films, Video Productions, as well as Long Run specialty rentals.
Shooting on location? We have a wide range of Van & Truck Packages to simplify your location shoot.

Stills & Motion

We are the place for Stills & Motion Productions. We speak both languages and have considerable experience in both, offer a wide range of the Equipment required, and know how to make sense of these two worlds coming together.

Expendables are just a click away…

Order your expendables from the S1 Expendables Store.