24″ Q-Lion Q20 LED (Bi-colour) – Quasar

iCode: 102342-C

Day Rate: $20
Week Rate: $60

This battery powered LED light can run for 4.5 hours at full power, 5600K, and has a charge time of 8 hours from 0%. The Quasar Science 24″ Q-Lion Q20 Lithium Ion Battery Lamp has a magnetic backing so you can mount the light on any magnetic metal surfaces. This light can dim from 10%,25%,50%,75%, and 100%. It can cycle through 2 colour temperatures between 3000K or 5600K.


  • 24″ Q-Lion Q20 Lithium Ion Battery LED Lamp
  • Charging adapter w/ USB charging cable


  • Mounting: Magnetic underside
  • Run time: 4.5 hours @ full power, 5600K
  • Recharge time: 8 hours from 0%
  • Power draw: 20A
  • Battery capacity:12800mAh
  • Color temperature: 3000K or 5600K
  • 95+ CRI

Product Documents

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