4' x 4'

4ft x 4ft Road Flag Kit (Half Breakdown) – MSE

iCode: 200081

Day Rate: $45
Week Rate: $135

The Road Flag kit breaks down to two  30″ x 50″ pieces for easy transport allowing it to fit in any size vehicle. The fabrics are a quick set up and slip onto the frame. There is a 3/8″ mounting pin that fits into both 2.5″ and 4.5″ grip heads.


  • 2 x Frames
  • Single Scrim ( -0.6 ) stops
  • Artificial Silk ( -1.6 ) stops
  • Black Solid
  • Road Flag bag


  • Bag Size: 28″ x 50″ (71cm x 127cm)

    Specified Operating Conditions:
    Do not allow the scrims, silks, solids or nets to get wet, this will take off the protective fire retardant and cause permanent damage.