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DigiCase for 15″ Laptop w/ Tripod – iWorkCase

iCode: 103104-K

Day Rate: $75
Week Rate: $225

Kit inculdes: iWorkCase for 15″ Laptop, Quick Release mount for Arca Swiss Plate and Manfrotto 055XB Tripod for support.

iWork Case for 15″ Laptop. Includes case with hood, black viewing cloth, platform for tablet, insert for 15″ laptop and Arca Swiss Mount.
Insert includes space for a LaCie Rugged Drive, HyperJuice battery and card reader.

RRS B2-Pro/L: 80mm clamp with dual mount

Manfrotto 055XB Aluminum Tripod
Maximum Height: 1.78m / 5.8 ft
Load Capacity: 7kg / 15.4 lb