3 Axis Gimbal Handheld, Jibs

Ronin / Intel-A-Jib Kit – DJI / MSE

iCode: 103203-K

Day Rate: $555
Week Rate: $1665

Kit includes: MSE Intel-A-Jib Kit (Intel-A-Jib, 4-Way Level Head Mitchell Mount for tripod, Mitchell to 100mm adapter, Cartoni T 625/M Heavy Duty Tripod with Floor Spreader and 240 lb of weights)

DJI Ronin 3-Axis Gimbal kit (Gimbal, balancing stand, 2x accesory clips, remote control, 2x gimbal batteries, battery charger, 2x 1/4″-20 tie down screws, 2x 3/8″-16 tie down screws, 3x Allen keys and hard case)

1 Cinemilled Ronin Mitchell Mount