S1 "A La Carte" Truck (Empty)

A La Carte Truck (Empty)                                           $144 / Day

  & Truck Operator / Swing                           $250 to $400 / Day

  + 2 x Generators + Diefs (Optional)                        $375 / Day

  + WiFi HotSpot (Optional)                                         $50 / Day


For those clients that need to customize a package, the S1 A La Carte comes empty. You can add equipment a la carte from our complete inventory of rental equipment. It has a Custom Built 16' box fully featured with a large hydraulic liftgate, custom E-Track interior w/ a variety of straps, large floor D-rings, furniture blankets, and is perfect for getting your gear to location & back without damage.

Included In Van:

  • 84" x 44" Large Hydraulic liftgate
  • 2 Furniture Blankets
  • E-Track Rachet Straps
  • Floor Ring Ratchet Straps
  • Wall Hooks
  • 2x Stand Racks
  • Tongue Dolly

Optional Items + Details:

- Generator Package 

  Additional Charge of $375/day
  (2) 7000w Honda Generator
  (2) Pagoda Distro Box (3x20amp Circuits)
  (2) 3 Pin to Joy Tail
  (2) 50' Joy Cable
Kit Contents (Photo)

- WiFi HotSpot
  Additional Charge of $50/day
Includes 2GB, $10/GB after

Click: Expendables for Sale in Truck 

Booking Details + Terms:

  • 2017 HINO 195 w/ 16' Custom box, all straping and accessories, & Hydraulic liftgate
  • Truck Dimension: 24' 6"(L), 9' 6"(W), 9' 11"(H) + 5' Liftgate


  • 100 Km of mileage / $0.20/km after
  • Hydraulic Liftgate
  • Fire Extinguisher - No charge if not used. If used, charge to replace
  • First Aid Kit - No charge if not used. If opened, a minimum charge of $25, plus cost to replace any open packages.

Does not include

  • S1 Truck Operator (Assistant or Swing)
  • Diesel for truck or gasoline for generators
  • Renter is responsible for damage or loss and for any parking fees
  • If truck or equipment comes back dirty from your location, (such as mud) cleaning charges apply

Truck Operator Details

  • Truck Operator / Swing (S1 Employee & Equipment Tech): rate $250/day for 10 Hours (10 / 2 / 2 overtime structure)
  • Truck Operator / Swing (Experienced Grip, 10-15 Years): rate $400/day for 10 Hours (10 / 2 / 2 overtime structure)
  • Driver rate includes 10 hours (door to door, includes driving to & from location and wrap)
  • Overtime: First 2 hours of overtime are 1.5x hourly, next 2 hours are double time @ 2x hourly

*Any hold on a Truck Package for Saturday, Sunday or Monday must be confirmed no later than 12pm on the Thursday prior to the shoot to guarantee availability of the truck operator.

CVOR Regulations - Maximum Hours for Van / Truck Operators - Swings: 14 hours (Includes driving Door to Door)

**Please inform the Bookings Desk well in advance of your project if your job will exceed a 14 hours day for our Van / Truck Packages. If so, other arrangements will have to made.