Kino Flo FreeStyle 31 LED RGB DMX (2 Light Gaffer Kit)
SKU#: 103075-K
Day rate: $230
Weekly rate: $690

Features include temperature control from 2500K to 9900K, Magenta/Green control, full RGB control, built in DMX/DMX wireless capability, FX (Police lights, strobe, TV etc), frequency adjustment for high speed shooting and a removable ballast to place it away from the fixture if needed.
The LED panel can be easily removed from the louvers with one thumb screw and a button. You can adjust functions like dimming remotely from 1-100% via hardwired DMX or via wireless DMX Lumen DMX Radio Receiver in the design.

Can run on battery (input range 18-36VDC) when mains power is unavailable. See link below to Dynacore 26V batteries that we carry in Rentals.


  • 2x FreeStyle 31 Fixture (52.5 x 4 x 9" w/ 6" barndoors (133 x 10 x 23cm w/ 15cm barndoors)
  • 2x FreeStyle LED 151 DMX Controller
  • 2x Baby receiver mount
  • 2x Lollipop mounts
  • 2x 25' extension
  • 1x Double Case