Equipment Rental Details

Rental Periods

  • Daily rates are based on any 24 hour period or less, starting at confirmed pick up/delivery time.
  • Weekly rates are 2, 3 or 4 times the daily rate (depending on equipment type rented) and are based on a 7 day period, starting at confirmed pick up/delivery time.
  • Weekend rates apply to rentals that are picked up/delivered after 4:00 PM on Friday and returned before 9:30 AM on Monday, and are charged at the Daily Rate.

Delivery Service

  • S1 only delivers to or picks up from the door to your building or the loading dock. (Delivery further into the premises will be charged as extra and S1 would need to be advised in advance. Quotation by request.)
  • If no one is at the location to accept the order and sign for it, waiting charges or redelivery charges will apply.
  • S1 will deliver to and pick up from hotels, however an authorized person must be there. Equipment cannot be left with or picked up from hotel staff.


S1 must be notified of a cancellation of a confirmed order a minimum of 24 hours (Monday to Friday) prior to scheduled pick up or delivery (e.g. If order is scheduled for pick up/delivery for Monday 8AM, customer must notify S1 Group of cancellation by the previous Friday 8AM), otherwise the following charges will apply.

  • Less than 24 hours notice of cancellation, charge of 50% of confirmed order
  • Less than 3 hours notice of cancellation, charge of 100% of confirmed order

Computer Rentals

If the Customer requires back up of the shoot, there is a fee of $25. S1 Group would need to advised at the time of booking that a back up is required.

Equipment Issues

  • S1 equipment must be used by qualified professionals in a non-hazardous and appropriate environment. The training of personnel to operate equipment rented from S1 Group is the responsibility of the customer.
  • If any of the rented equipment is found to not be functioning correctly, S1 Group must be notified immediately by phone at 416-466-3024. If Reception/Booking Office is not open, a message must be left.
  • Tag equipment with issue using tape.
  • Or send an email to


  • If the Customer does not have insurance, there are two other options.
  1. A security deposit can be held on the Customer’s credit card for up to the replacement value of the equipment being rented
  2. The Customer can purchase short term insurance. 
    - One option is Front Row Insurance. If you want to purchase insurance from Front Row, please contact for details of what S1 requires.
    - Another option for short term insurance that includes property and liability insurance is Gallagher Canada. For your insurance needs, please contact Stephen Bortolon at Gallagher Canada.
    Stephen Bortolon
  • The Customer must provide a valid Credit Card at the time of confirmation of a booking. The Customer may be required to fill out S1 Group’s Credit Card Authorization Form.
  • The Customer will also be required to provide government issued Photo Identification.

Any information provided to S1 Group will be kept strictly confidential.
For more information regarding Equipment Rentals, please contact the Bookings Desk at 416-466-3024 or email

QR Code

Rental items all have their own S1 web page & QR code sticker on the rental item. You can use your smart phone to scan the QR sticker on the rental item, which will pull up the rental item webpage and access all the Tech and Manuals.
Each item can have: Tech specs / How-to videos / Comparison reviews / Photos + Videos / Manual

If you dont have QR scanner/reader app on your smart phone, here are couple of suggestion for good quality free apps:

Apple: QR Code Scanner
Android: QR Droid Zapper